Friday, June 6, 2008

Room Tags That Display Ceiling Height

Room tags can very static at times in Revit. At times you may want certain information displayed within a tag. Whether it is the material finish, the height of an object, the manufacturer, room names, or in our case ceiling height, all this can be done by manipulating and editing the existing family. In this scenario, I wanted to create a room tag that will pull in information and display the ceiling height property. He are the steps to create the above image.

Since you can not create a room tag that directly links to the ceiling information, you will have to finagle the set up.

1. Set up and create a shared parameter.
File>Shared Parameters...>Create.
Here you will create the TXT file and where that file is to be saved
2. Create a parameter group while you are in the EDIT SHARED PARAMETERS dialog box.
3. Create a new PARAMETER via the button on the right of the dialog
4. Within the PARAMETER PROPERTIES dialog box, enter a name, keep the discipline set to Common, and se the type parameter to LENGTH
5. Click OK to get back to the project

1. Go to the Settings pulldown>Project Parameters... Click ADD within the dialog box, and within the Project Parameters dialog box, the top portion (Parameter Type), select the SHARED PARAMETER option. (everything will gray out and press the SELECT button)

2. Select your shared parameter you just created and click OK
3. Specify the the parameter be grouped under OTHER and set to either Instance or Type.
4. Over in the right pane of the Parameter Properties dialog box, check the category you want the property to be associated with. (Rooms)
5. Click OK twice to get back into the project.
6. Use the room tool and place it into the confined area with tag placement.
7. Click on the room object and go to the element properties and under the OTHER category, enter in the height for your ceiling.

1. Click on the room tag and select the EDIT FAMILY option at the top of the design bar.
2. In the family editor, select the LABEL tool
3. Once the SELECT PARAMETER dialog box appears, choose the ADD button and click SELECT and add your shared parameter.
4. Click OK until you get back to the family editor. Place your label in the desired area.
5. Save your family and load into your project.
6. The tag will now display your ceiling height.

Remember that the tag is not actually pulling data from the ceiling itself but you will manually go to the element properties for the room object and enter that data in.

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