Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ecotect Is Here To Stay

With all this talk about "green" architecture, more and more vendors out there have begun to if not already test the waters with various different "green" programs. There are great programs out there that can literally calculate every aspect of LEED and then some. In one of my previous posts, I mentioned Green Building which is a great little program to measure a buildings ability to live in a symbiotic relationship with its niche rather than parasitism. So now we come yet to another milestone in the world of the AECO industry. Autodesk has bought Ecotect. Having experienced Ecotect in the past, I can truly say that this program is what this industry needs to be eco-conscious. It is my professional opinion that Autodesk will not only continue to pour in on the R&D side of things with Ecotect, but they will also make this program the industry standard. Like AutoCAD some 20 plus years ago and now with the Revit platform, Ecotect will eventually takes its place in the AECO industry. There will be others believe me, those that try to mimic Ecotect, but like we all know, Autodesk will have had an already commanding lead.

As their website describes, "Ecotect is a complete building design and environmental analysis tool that covers the full range of simulation and analysis functions required to truly understand how a building design will operate and perform. It finally allows designers to work easily in 3D and apply all the tools necessary for an energry efficient and sustainable future."

If that doesn't sell green, then what does? For more information on Ecotect, click here.

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