Monday, July 7, 2008

Photoshop and Design Part Zwei

I mentioned before in a previous post of the potential for Abobe's Photoshop CS3 being implemented into the design world. As a continuation of the earlier post and throughout the past few months since then, I have heard many grumblings in almost all the AEC firms I have worked with in regards to creating a more vivid presentation and representation of a model. As more and more inquire about different rendering applications and incorporate those into the design process, I always mention the use and need to Adobe Photoshop and always get a serious inquiry about training and implementation.

Microdesk has announced as of July 1st that they will now be offering consulting and training services in this field. All in all there will be five courses that range from the basics, intermediate, and advanced, to custom courses and industry specific classes such as Photoshop for interior designers. Each class is named after a Greek/Roman column style that is sure to catch the eye of any would be client. For more information, you can read the release from Cadalyst's page. Click here.

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