Monday, July 28, 2008

Revit Displays

Do you ever get those Revit gremlins that come in over the weekend and muck around your projects, desk, computer, et cetera? "Such and such was working Friday but today all hell has broke loose. No one has touched the file since I left and all of a sudden, my model doesnt display correctly". I have had numerous clients call in for support on this various issue. No matter what the view is set to, the user will try to set the model to hidden line, shading, or wireframe and yet nothing changes. The model is still displayed as wireframe (in most cases I have come across). This scenario is usually accompanied by a system crash as well. It seems that the view is corrupt in some way. A simple fix is warranted don't you think? And why not.

Go to the 3D view in the Project Browser and right click on the view name. Select to delete the view. Go to the "Default 3D View" icon located View toolbar to create a new 3D view. Now you should be able to adjust the display setting without error.

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