Monday, March 17, 2008

Customized Window Tags That Display Size

As you work in Revit, you may encounter times where the standard families do not suffice. In order to create your own families, you can start from scratch with a blank template, or you can start with an existing family and duplicate it and set it up with different parameters and functions.

1. Within any open file, select a window tag and on the options bar, select Edit Family.
2. This will open the family in another window. Go to File>SaveAs and rename this family at your discretion. For this example I will rename it “Window Size”. Remember to save the family in a network location so that others may access it.
3. In the drawing window, select the lines that make up the hexagon and delete them.

4. Select the parameter, the text piece labeled “1t”. Once you select it, a Select Parameter.. button will appear on the Options toolbar.
5. The Select Parameter dialog box will appear. In the Parameter category window, select Width and select the Format button
6. Uncheck Use Project Settings and switch the Units to Decimal Inches and make sure the Suffix is set to the inch marker. Click OK.
7. Back in the Select Parameter dialog, change the value to 32”. Click OK.
8. Highlight the text piece again and select the Element Properties button. Change the horizontal alignment to Right justification. This is done so that when data is entered, it will move to the left. Click OK.
9. Start the Copy command and copy the parameter over a few inches.

10. Select the right parameter and choose the Select Parameter button on the Options bar.
11. In the Select Parameter dialog box, change the Parameter option to Height. Set the Value to 32”, change the Format to Decimal Inches, and make sure the Suffix is set to the inch marker. Click OK twice to get back to the drawing.
12. Start the Text tool from the Family tab.
13. Place a text piece in between the two parameters and type in a lowercase x.
14. Highlight the “X” text piece and open the Element Properties.
15. In the Element Properties dialog, click on Edit/New and then Duplicate.
16. Give a new name to the text style. For exercise purposes, name the text “3-32”.
17. Change the Text Size to 3/32” and click OK twice to get back to the drawing.
18. In the drawing window, center the pieces so they align together.

19. Select the right parameter and make sure the Horizontal Alignment is set to Left within the Element Properties.
20. Go to File>Save. Close the drawing out.

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