Friday, March 21, 2008

Revit Architecture 2009: Rendering

Revit Architecture 2009 has upgraded many features within its standard package. One being the render tool set. The developers and programmers at Autodesk, have updated the rendering engine to include Mental Ray along with a new interface in the rendering tab.

The changes made to the interface are more concise and well laid out. You still have the same options as previous versions of Revit but with more flexibility. If you are wondering how this effects certain workflows such as batch rendering or render farming, Autodesk has yet to include this option. You will still have to export out to another application for this purpose. Below are two images of the same scene from different angles. The first one rendered in Revit Architecture 2008 and the second one in Revit 2009. All settings are default with medium quality as the setting.

Revit 2008 with Accurender

Revit 2009 with Mental Ray

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